To our future partners :

Let’s rethink our business relationship !

Today more than ever, entrepreneurs need to travel to look for potential global customers and establish a human “face to face” connection to arrive at a robust digital “face to face” connection.

WORLDWIDE WOMEN’S FAIR is a strong opportunity to differentiate and rebalance your investments between digital and traditional channels, to offer your customers a personalized and humanized experience, which they can no longer do without.

WORLDWIDE WOMEN’S FAIR offers you a good entry mode to maximize your sales and the success of your international expansion.
Instead of spending on local competition and continuity in a domestic market, it is better to seize this adventure and exploit participation in the WORLDWIDE WOMEN’S FAIR to increase your sales.

Never forget that a product is only made to be sold in a set time, and bringing in revenue is more important than charges.

Join us in a new world of business relationships, built on good human relations and favorable results.

With all our consideration,

organizing committee



  • There are more products/services for women on the consumer market than for men.

  • Consumer goods for women are on average more expensive than those for men.

  • Women would be willing to invest more money and time to find the product that meets their criteria, more than men.

  • Companies are willing to invest more to distinguish their products, including significant amounts in a communication strategy for women.

  • Even if husbands and wives make joint purchasing decisions, the woman holds the major decision in purchasing within her family.

  • About 50% of urban women work outside the home, and their fees are significantly used for products and services related to their family needs.

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