Senegal has always been a place of mixing peoples and cultures. The strategic position of Senegal makes this country an ideal place for the organization of the first edition of the WORLDWIDE WOMEN’S FAIR.

Above all, Senegalese are caring and smiling. The rich history and great diversity of these people are undoubtedly the most dynamic forces behind the evolution of such a West African country.

Then, Dakar, the capital of the country of the Teranga, its oceanic part provides a different urban landscape. Exploring the people and culture of Dakar is a fascinating and rewarding experience.

WORLDWIDE WOMEN’S FAIR DAKAR 2024, is simply our vision and belief that this global city has something to offer to each of our exhibitors and visitors from around the world; and the Dakar woman is a generous woman has assets to share with the women of the world.

To all Women of the World : DAKAR is waiting for you!

Join us at the gathering of women who are pushing boundaries and exploring new markets, technologies and opportunities!

Join us and integrate a platform where women from diverse backgrounds, industries and cultures will come together to share, collaborate and celebrate their successes!

WORLDWIDE WOMEN’S FAIR DAKAR 2024, a point of interaction and exchange of business work ideas, for women of all ages.

To all businesswomen

To all the businessmen

 Ç’est ensemble que le commerce prendra une forte corpulence !

Meet new customers and potential suppliers in person.

Explain your offer and answer key questions if your product or service is innovative.

Humanize the relationship between the brand and its consumers.

Enrich your database and start building strong international business relationships.

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